Monday, June 25, 2007

So what?

Who cares about greatness? Well, if you're here you do and we do. Since beginning this project, it fascinates me how quickly people want to hear about what we've discovered. There is something in us, as humans, that drives us to desire something more, something greater. But why? Why do we want more than just survival, or, once we've accomplished that, leisure? Perhaps Maslow was correct with his hierarchy of needs building up to self-actualization. We desire to reach outside of ourselves.

My interest is more plebeian. Greatness fascinates me. I wonder why some "make it" and others don't. I ruminate on the combination of characteristics that blend to give one person success and another mediocrity. I wonder if there is a formula and in the same instant, realize that there is not, cannot be a formula since there are so many different aspects of greatness.

So, welcome to the Greatness Project blog. You will find more questions than answers here, but hopefully you will also find a place where you can ruminate on the state of greatness; your own, and that of the world.