Saturday, January 19, 2008

A New Year. So What?

So, it is a new year. Big deal. Most of us probably forgot our resolutions by now or never even made any. Besides, what the heck, ruts and routine are comfortable. What is that old saying... "@#*# is warm." Yup. Better to just stay where we've always been and be able to complain about it rather than try something new and have no one but ourself responsible. And as for changing ourself, why bother? We'll just revert back to the same old, same old. Easier to save our energy rather than waste it on self-improvement. Besides, if we change, someone might expect more from us and we wouldn't want that.

Ever get these thoughts running through your head as you try living up to your New Year's resolutions? It is pretty normal because we are creatures of habit. Changing old habits to new ones requires time and effort. Sometimes we feel like Sisyphus, pushing the rock up the mountain only to have it roll back down again. The difference is that unlike Sisyphus, the rock does not roll all the way back to the bottom. Every time we take control of a segment of our life, or try to enhance something of ourselves, we push that rock further up the mountain toward achieving our personal best. If it rolls back, it rarely rolls all the way back to the start.

Let's look at reality for a second. It is 2008. How old are you? How much time do you think you have left on this planet? Even if you are relatively young (I keep thinking I'm young) can you guarantee you will live to your life expectancy? Probably not. The reality is that we don't control how fast time moves. We only control how we spend our time. So, are you living the life you want? REALLY?

All a new year does is raise questions. Probably the most important question pokes its head up at this time of year: how do you want to live your life? Resolutions, for many of us, are the baby steps we need. If we need to radically change our life, these little resolutions can lead to revolutions. But, it all depends on us.

So, it is a New Year. How are you going to live this year?