Monday, October 15, 2007

Wackos unite!

Why does it seem that when people want to focus on doing good, or focus on the positive, they are labled as wackos? As we build the Greatness Project and dialogue with people about seeking greatness, it amazes me that so many people find the idea strange. Immediately they question me as to whether I have my eyes open to see all of the challenges and difficulty in the world (as if you could possibly miss it). They believe that focusing only on the negative will somehow achieve good things in the world. Well, if there is one thing I have learned is that if you look for something, you will definitely find it.

Yes, Virginia there is a crappy world out there. There is also a beautiful one right along side of it. I don't advocate ignoring the challenges of this world. But if you believe that we will achieve new inventions, development of culture, and interconnectedness by focusing on all the bad, I believe you are mistaken. There is a place for trying to fix that which is broken. And there is a place for making what is good even better.

On October 4-6 in Washington, DC the Positive Psychology Summit was held. The focus was how to create greater life satisfaction or well being in the world. Issues such as sustainability, poverty, employment, and more were identified. And also in the course of those days we talked about empowerment, passion and happiness. Of course some dismissed the conference as a gathering of starry-eyed optimists. Obviously they were not present. But even if they weren't there a question remains for me: why do we put down ANY attempt to make the world better?

If being concerned about the world is crazy, I'm in. If caring that people have the ability to create a life worth living is nuts, lable me nuts. If believing that we have the desire and capacity to elevate this world to a level as yet unknown is wacko, let me get in line. Where do you stand?

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Unknown said...

Even if you are a "starry eyed" optimist who cares. Helps make the world a better place and goddess knows we can sure use that! Keep dreaming.