Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Musings

An Empty Space

An empty space graces the center
of the manager scene.
Yet a spot of trampled hay cannot contain
the unfathomed hope placed here;
as though a cosmic arrow points dramatically
from heaven reading
“watch this!”
to accentuate the absurd hope we place
on a moment, a place, a new born.

At millennial celebrations of crèches and caves
we bring a battered hope yearly to this moment
to be mended or rebuilt and believe that perhaps
this year the birth of one will move all
toward peace.

In film and word we expound
the transformative power of the season
when George Bailey realizes his good fortune,
Scrooge tears open his curtains,
and we long for the dawning of a new age.

Yet watching and waiting will not spark a change
and longing will leave millions unfed.
Hope that energizes voices and
desire that strengthens muscle
redeems this scene from a saccharine docility
and transforms dreaming and longing
into action.

New and ancient our collective journeys
draw us yearly past this manger scene.
Yet we receive the gift, we are reborn,
we journey onward renewed.


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