Monday, February 27, 2012

And The Award Goes To...

They cried, they laughed and even if they didn't win they enjoyed the evening. No, I was not watching American Idol, I tuned in to watch the Academy Awards. Aside from the mega-stars who have won many times, what is wonderful to watch are the newbies; the individuals who have never been to the Academy Awards and never been nominated. They are grateful for everything. But what is most insightful are their comments. They note what an honor it is to even be nominated, and many of them who won for the first time mentioned how this made it all worthwhile, or how this helps them continue their work.

Why are there such gushing comments about receiving a little golden man at a lavish party? Because it is not about the statue itself, it is about being recognized for the work the individuals have done. What all of us can learn from the Oscars is that we need acknowledgement in our lives because it assists us in achieving our personal greatness.

Do we know of individuals who have continued in the face of adversity, skepticism and ridicule to achieve their goals? Absolutely. However, it is much easier when someone, anyone, acknowledges and recognizes what you've done. A U.S. survey noted that when asked if they needed recognition to do a good job, only 60% of employees said yes. However, when asked if they did a better job when they received recognition 90% of employees said yes. We work better when someone notices. Oh, and here is the kicker. 50% of the managers in the survey said they never give recognition for good performance. Wow.

Whether you are in an office, or a business, a kitchen, or a school all of us need to know that we are doing good work. We are energized by recognition and praise and even if we think we don't need it, it does help to hear it. So, who is your support system? Who gives you recognition and praise?

We don't need an academy award presentation to enliven us to continue our work, but sometimes even hearing someone say "nice work" can help us get through the day. So, if you are not hearing recognition and praise in your work, find friends and/or family who will acknowledge what you have done. Listening to their acknowledgement will spur you on to even higher heights. Just try to keep your acceptance speech to 45 seconds, or they will pull you off the stage.

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