Sunday, February 19, 2012

Get Creative

Have you recently seen something new and thought "I wish I'd thought of that?" Creativity or innovative thinking is one of the hallmarks of individuals who unleash their personal greatness. They are able to see new ideas where the rest of us see none. But there is a necessary discipline... we have to take time just to sit and think.

Now, before you immediately reply that you don't have time to just sit and create, think again. Having a moment when we allow our minds to do whatever they want, go wherever they want unleashes all of the creative thoughts we've been storing up. We've mostly fail to realize how valuable that is, and how precious.

So, I'm trying a new discipline. First thing every morning I'm just sitting. It's tough. The first week I tried it I almost always ended up on the internet reading the news. But now I enjoy allowing my mind the time to wander and wonder. Have I written the next best seller, created the newest app or solved world hunger? Not yet, but I'm finding that the creative juices are flowing again.

Try a few minutes a day. Let us all know how you do. And please let us know if you solve world hunger.

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